Extract Any Mail Ultimate

The new Extract Any Mail Ultimate can extract emails from any mail.

That help you configure Extract Any Mail Ultimate with your emails.

Extract Any Mail Ultimate allows you to sort extracted emails by multiple headers.

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Extract Any Mail Ultimate: Unlock the Power of Email Extractor tool

Get Closer to Your Clients with Automated Email Extractor tool

Are you an internet marketer, business owner, or someone who needs to manage email lists efficiently? Look no further! Extract Any Mail Ultimate is your go-to solution for extracting emails from any mail account. Let’s dive into the features that make it a must-have email extractor tool.

Specific Folder Extraction

Discover the simplest approach to extract emails effectively! You can now select a specific folder from your email provider, such as Gmail, Office365, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more. Whether it’s Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, or any other folder, this functionality is intended to save you time and optimize your process. Watch the video below to gain a better grasp of how this procedure works.

Versatility and Compatibility

Extract emails from various mail providers, including: Gmail, Office365, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, And more!

Supports SSL,TLS authentication for secure extraction:

It enhances security by enabling SSL and TLS authentication during the extraction process. This assures a secure connection, providing an additional layer of safety to the email extraction process.

Extracting Email From File

Extract Any Mail Ultimate provides a smooth method for extracting emails from files. This tool makes it easy for users to compile email addresses from a text document, spreadsheet, or any other type of file. Because of its adaptability, the application can also be used to extract files, which makes it a practical and efficient choice for users who need to gather email lists from various sources.

Data Analytics Power

Sort extracted emails effortlessly by multiple headers.
Use Excel-like filters to narrow down results by date, email name, account, etc.

Account Management Made Easy

Store all your email accounts in local databases. Easily add accounts to your task list for future extraction. Rest assured; that your privacy is fully protected—no online interaction is required.

Lifetime License

Grab the limited-time deal: Now only $40 (20% discount) for a lifetime license! Download it for free and experience the power of Email Extractor.

Bulk Import and Check Login Feature

Load multiple login credentials at once with the enhanced bulk import module. Test login credentials before adding them for extraction.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through our email extractor tool effortlessly with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our Email Extractor ensures a seamless experience.

MX Validation

The integration of the MX validation method in Extract Any Mail Ultimate has a significant impact on its email extraction capabilities.” The program improves accuracy by using MX record validation to ensure the existence of functional mail servers linked with email addresses.

Lightning-Fast Performance:

Experience the speed of our email extractor tool’s performance with multi-threaded capabilities. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual extraction and hello to swift and precise results.

Extract Any Mail Ultimate in Action

Have Some Questions?

I already have Extract Any Mail Pro. Can I upgrade my license to Extract Any Mail Ultimate?

Yes, you can upgrade your license to the latest version. Please go to this page for more information: Upgrade Now.

What do I need to extract from an email account?

You need to have the email address, password, IMAP/POP settings and port. Additionally, you need to have full admin access to the account for some emails to enable or disable some security settings.

Do I need to generate an app password for Gmail and what are the requirements?

Yes, you need to generate an app password for extracting from a Gmail account and you need to have 2FA enabled in it. Click Here

Do I need to be the Admin of an Office account to extract from it?

Yes, you need to be the Admin or need to have full access to the account as you need to generate an app password for accessing from 3rd party apps.

Do I need to generate an app password for Yahoo?

Yes, you need to generate an app password for Yahoo. The 2FA must be enabled in the account for it. Click Here

Can I import bulk emails?

Yes, you can import bulk emails and test the login before adding them for extraction. Click here

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