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New Email Sorter Pro! Now with Zimbra

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Email Sorter Ultimate

New Email Sorter Ultimate has been released. This email sorter version has Zimbra Judger inbuilt. Now you get both software power in one full package. Also, many new domains have been added to Email Sorter Ultimate. Email Sorter Ultimate quickly sorts email lists based upon MX records.

Get it now for only $50 life-time access.

  • Email Sorter Ultimate sorts your email list
  • Many new domains added. Bug fixed.
  • Email Sorter Ultimate In Action
  • Unlimited number of mailing lists.
  • Support filtering mail list by mail server.
  • Support export email list to TXT, CSV, XLS and other file formats.
  • Real-time display email sorting status.

Not finding the options you are looking for? Need more sorting options? Please Contact Us

Email Sorter Ultimate in Action

Email Sorter Ultimate

Limited time deal*
Now Price Only 50$ 40$
(20% Discount)

Screenshot of Email Sorter Ultimate

Email Sorter Pro sorts your email list and save them in a following separate lists:

1and1 163 263 Aliyun Protonmail Synaq
amazon anazana hiworks qq Worksmobile
ARSMTP aruba chinaemail Rackspace Yahoo
cn4e Comcast Coremail Rediffmail Yandex
domainlocalhost Earthlink global-mail Gmail Yizhigher
GMX Godaddy hibox hinet RR Zimbra
Hotmail icloud iinet ionos Serviciodecorreo Zmail
Kundenserver Mailplug Mimecast Serverdata
mweb Namecheap Naver NetEase Sina-mail
NetworkSolutions Office365 Others Outlook Strato
Not finding the options you are looking for? Need more sorting options? Please Contact Us

Have Some Questions?

I already have Email Sorter Pro. Can I upgrade my license?
Yes, you can upgrade your license to the latest version. Please go to this page for more information: Upgrade Now.
Can I verify emails with the Email Sorter Ultimate?

No. you cannot verify email addresses with it. It is only for sorting email addresses according to their MX records.

How many sorting options are there in the Email Sorter Ultimate?

Currently, there is 57 different sorting option in it.

How many email addresses can I load at a time?

You can load more than 500K at a time.

What is Zimbra judger used for?

Zimbra Judge is used for checking the Zimbra hosted email addresses.

Why does the sorting process gets slower when Zimbra Judger is enabled?

When you enable the Zimbra Judger, it checks every email addresses against Zimbra server which makes the sorting process lengthier and slower.

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