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Remote Desktop - powerful windows remote desktop, cheapest price

Feel the powere of dedicated SSD Remote Desktop
New Remote Desktop is ready for you. Own a powerful remote machine to run your always needs to run software! 100% uptime and powerful with dedicated RAM.
These Remote Desktop server can run any windows program without any performance loss. This is a must have remote server for forex trader, marketer, social blogger.

Remote Desktop Plans

VIP SMTP Server - Cheap SMTP Server With Dedicated IP Address

Having Trouble With SMTP Server?
You have a good email sender but you can't send mail because of SMTP Server. To make email sending more easier we prepared VIP SMTP Server.

Cheap smtp plan VIP SMTP Extreme
  • VIP SMTP Server works with any mail sending software.
  • Very easy to use. Upon purchase we will provide SMTP Server Name, Port, Username and Password.
  • Each server contains dedicated IP address. We know how important it is to keep IP address away from blacklisting databases.
  • Alternate port number (viz. 587) to avoid blocking.
  • You will get full server access.
  • You can even read incoming mails after loggin into VIP SMTP Server.

SMTP Server Plans | Buy SMTP Cheap | Buy VIP SMTP Server Xtreme | VIP SMTP FAQ

Rapid Email Marketer - All Email Marketing In One Box

Send unlimited email Rapid Email Marketer, all in one webmailer that handles all email marketing task for you. Simply, load your list, create a campaign and start sending it and forget about it. Rapid Email Marketer will send that campaign in background while you don't have to present in front of your PC. No software to download and everything in one box.

No SMTP Needed!

No Software to Download or Install!

A Complete Web Mailer

Try Demo Now

Username: demo
Password: 123456

Click here to try live demo
  • You will get a complete VIP SMTP Server with Rapid Email Marketer installed. Just load your list and start sending mail.
  • Automatic Bounce detector that collect bounce and remove bounce email from your list.
  • Check message content for spam keyword and remove them to ensure inbox delivery.
  • Easy unsubscribe management and spam filter compliant webmail version of sent campaign.
  • Send email in any language include attachment.
  • Built in automated email tracking.
  • Detailed email sending reports includes click through rate, bounce, unsubscribers, e.t.c.
  • Unlimited auto responders to maximize your email marketing efforts.

View Plans and Pricing

Verify Your Email List & Stop Bounce - Valid Email Verifier

Verify Email List Valid Email Verifier is a kind of software that can verify an email address. It helps anyone to make proper use of SMTP server and maintain a large list neat and clean. Its 3 types of different email verification system can provide 100% correct result. You don't want to blacklist your server and you want to verify your recipient before sending them mail then this software is a must. Stop spending money for SMTP for bounce mail. Always keep your list 100% verified.

More Details | Download For Free Now | Buy Now | Screenshot

Send Unlimited Email & Track - Rapid Email Sender Advance

Send unlimited email New Rapid Email Sender Advance has been released. Using this email sender you can send unlimited number of mails. Rapid Email Sender + VIP SMTP Server will remove all your email sending problem. If you are new in email marketing then there are easy mail sending steps to guide you through. If you are an old user and having trouble using email sender because of SMTP problem then try Rapid Email Sender Advance. Our Email Sender provides VIP SMTP and Prepaid SMTP Server.

Some Features | You Tube Getting Started Video

  • Easy Mail Sending Steps
  • Bulk mail sending facility with fast email sender console that supports multiple connection at the same time.
  • More than 150 professional email templates
  • Spam checking facility
  • Group mail sending facility
  • Verify your recipient before sending mail to them (New)
  • Support both VIP SMTP and Prepaid SMTP Server
  • Track your sent mail and all your recipient (Absolutely Free)

More Details | Download For Free Now | Buy Now | Screenshot

Other Email Utilities

Bounce Detector

Bounce Detector
Bounce Detector is a small program that helps you find bounce/invalid email ID. It has ability to check multiple email accounts at the same time.

Details | Download Now | Buy Now | Screenshot | Manual

Free Email Verifier

Free Email Verifier
Free email verifier allows you to verify multiple email ID at the same time. You can enjoy our total email verification mechanism using this free email verifier. Email verification process includes:
Syntax verification
MX Lookup verification
100% email verification

Free Email Verifier

Extract Any Mail

Extract Any Mail
Extract Any Mail is a small yet powerful software that can extract potential email ID from multiple email inbox. Using POP3 access this software grabs all the emails in your inbox and then it will list them for you.

Details | Download Now | Buy Now | Screenshot | Manual

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