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Valid Email Collector
Collect Valid Email List - Create Mailing List

Valid Email Collector Valid Email Collector is the most valuable award winning software that can extract Only Valid mails from web. It uses the latest Regular Expression Technology for extracting mail. So it don't extract only the mailto:example@example.com link but also the whole text and database.

  • Fastest email collector ever It has great speed and extract email very fast. With moderate internet connection you can easily extract >100,000 email ID in an hour. This program contains a command program and a collector console. You can run many collector console at the same time with different commands. This makes the Valid Email Collector program faster than ever.
  • Extract email from Web using Search Engine upon specified keywords. Web is the unlimited source of email ID. You have to insert a search keywords (example: real estate in usa or small business), Select multiple search engine, Press search and sit back. It is capable to extract using all major search engine in this world.
  • extract email and verify mxlookup verification has been included and valid email collector advance easily collect email and verify them. So, you will be able to save only the valid email ID from the collected list.
  • extract email from specific URL (Example: http://www.validemailcollector.com) Just enter a URL you want to search for email ID and this software will collect all the emails present in that URL.
  • Extract email from text file, Outlook, Outlook express Supports extraction from both text file and .eml file.
  • Get email ID from a specific country yes, you can collect email targeted to a specific country. Just select country wise search engine and the collector will extract email of that country user.
  • Filter out unwanted mails Use powerful filter option to escape saving unwanted mails. Using filter you can easily get only a specfic domain email, must have word email, free of duplicate source email and many more. You can easily filter out info, contacts, webmaster, support, e.t.c these type of email from your search.
  • Use Cache & Update Cache features will save the scanned webpage in database so that next time scanning those sites will be faster than ever. It is the fastest email address collector available in market now a days.
  • A list of URL stored in a web page.
  • Domain specific search. Using this you can easily search a keyword within the range of a specific domain extention. All popular and countrywise domain extention is available in the list.
  • Extract Emails From Text files.

Other Features:

  • It has capability to extract mail from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, DMOZ and more and more and more...
  • It can extract more than 1000 emails in minutes as it is multi-threaded application.
  • It has multiple filter options for removing duplicates, removing duplicate domain, save list for any specific domain and many more.
  • Console collector can be run multiple times with different commands. So the search for emails will be faster than ever.
  • Capability to save file in multiple formats (Example: .txt, .csv, .xls)
  • Capability to import external list for managing email list using Valid Email Collector Super Filter.
  • It can save both the Filtered list and Skipped list, so now it is more easy to manage your list.
  • It has built in Cache directory.
  • Valid Email Collector is capable of extracting targeted only valid mails. It can extract mails from any Specific Country

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Valid Email Collector, Extract email from Web, buy mail list, sell mail list, Extract email, free mail, valid email extractor

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