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Email Sorter Ultimate has expanded its capabilities by incorporating additional MX providers, including serverdata, kundenserver, ionos, and worksmobile which has been absent on Email Sorter Pro.

Email Sorter Pro has been upgraded to Email Sorter Ultimate. The upgraded version ensures a smoother and more reliable email sorting experience for users. You can now enjoy a more exact email sorting experience with the enhanced features and bug fixes in the ultimate version.

Email Sorter Ultimate has become even better at finding and sorting emails! It has improved how it detects emails, making it more accurate. Now, in the upgraded Email Sorter Ultimate, users can enjoy a more precise and organized way of managing their emails.

In a notable upgrade, Email Sorter Ultimate introduces a significantly faster saving process than Email Sorter Pro. This enhancement ensures a more efficient and time-saving email sorting process for users.

It’s noticeable that you can handle the license key through an online portal, adding to the convenience of managing your licensing arrangements.

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