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I bought license key, but my laptop crashed/lost and now I am trying the license key to a new laptop, but the license key is invalid.

You cannot use the license key to multiple systems. All our license key price is too low. So, if you own 2 system then you must purchase 2 license keys. There is some customer who requests us to provide two system licenses, one for home and another for office. But again, to work in 2 system you must purchase 2 licenses.

What if I format my laptop?
Once you reinstall the OS you cannot use that license key. You must need to unregister the key before the reinstallation of OS.

How to move the license key to a new system?
If you want to move your license key to a new system, then open the software. Press Register. You can see Unregister Button in the Registration window. Just press Unregister. A message will confirm that your license key has been unregistered successfully. Now you are free to install and use the license key in a new system.

What if I lost my laptop?
If your system crash or lost then we are very sorry for your loss, but really, we cannot help you with the license key. The whole system is automated and there is nothing to do for us. You have to purchase a new license key in that case.

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