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Most often we get support request regarding Extract Any Mail Pro license key not working or showing invalid. Our license system allows a user to use one license key to one system only. You cannot use the same license key to multiple systems. To use our software on multiple systems you must purchase multiple licenses.

If you are using the license key for the first time but still having a problem, then please follow below steps:

  • Restart the Software and press Register.
  • Type the license key properly. Do not copy and paste. Please note that all our license keys are small caps containing both alphabets and numbers.
  • Each license key must be 8 characters long.
  • After properly typing the license key make sure that your internet connection is active. And press Register/Check.
  • The software will check the license key and will be converted into the full version.

If you are still having any issues or confusion, please feel free to knock un on Live Chat from our website:


Email Address:

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