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Due to the email providers security update, you need to generate an app password to access the account from a 3rd party application. For generating an app password for Outlook, you need to login to your Outlook account first.

1. You can login here to go to the security page directly: Link

Then go to the “Advanced Security Option” and you will see the available options there.

2. Check if the 2FA is enabled. If 2FA is enabled, then you need to generate an app password.

Special note: If it is disabled, then you don’t need to do anything here. You can just go to the Extract Any Mail Ultimate software and use your credentials to extract from it.

3. You will see the App password option if the 2FA is enabled. Click the “Create a new app password” and it will generate a password.

4. The generated app password will show on the next page. Copy the generated password and use it in the Extract Any Mail Ultimate instead of the main password.

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