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VIP Server URL Subscription

VIP Server URL is a component for Valid Email Verifier. This monthly subscription contains a license key that points to a URL to check an email ID is valid or not. Here are the benefits:

  • Email verification needs a static IP address and port number 25 to be open. But your PC does not have a static IP address and most ISP blocked port 25. That is why most email verifier in the market does not work. VIP Server URL has a static whitelisted IP address and it does the email verification job for you.
  • Your PC IP address will be hidden as you are not using your PC for email verification.
  • Low cost and hastle free email verification solution. You are free to cancel the subscription anytime you wish.
  • This is not myth but true - yes, you can perform 100% verification result using VIP Server URL and Valid Email Verifier.
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Frequently Asked Question

  • Can i hide my IP address?
    Valid Email Verifier is not using your IP address for email verification. It is using our VIP Server IP address for this task.
  • If i buy multiple VIP Server ULR, i have to buy multiple license of Valid Email Verifier?
    No. You have to have only one license of Valid Email Verifier. You can use any number of VIP Server URL with this software.
  • I have a large list to verify. What solution you have?
    We have the perfect solution for you in this case. Use Valid Email Verifier with multiple VIP Server URL to perform email verification very fast. You will get most accurate result.
  • Can i use your VIP Server URL with other email verifier software?
    Sorry, currently our VIP Server URL supports only Valid Email Verifier. Valid Email Verifier is updated and it has the ability to use VIP Server URL.

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