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Getting Started

To get started with Extract Any Mail just follow the following steps:
1. Start Extract Any Mail 11.23
2. Press Add Account from the toolbar. 

3. Add New Account will pop up. Enter your Email ID in the Enter Account Name field.

4. Press Get Settings. If settings are stored in the database then it will fill the POP Server Name, Port and Enable SSL field automatically. If not filled automatically then your POP server name will be simply and the port number will be 110. You can also contact your Email ID provider the POP server configuration. Or ask us here:
5. Enter your password in the password field for the Email ID you just added.
6. Press Add This Account. Then press Exit.
7. Now you are ready to start the task. Press Start Task from the toolbar and view the status.

8. When the task is completed you can remove duplicates and save your list in multiple formats. Please note that only registered version is able to save the list.
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